We are EkoCabs

We think New Zealand is the best place in the world – and we want to help protect it. The transport sector has an important role in responding to climate change, with almost 20 percent of New Zealand’s domestic greenhouse gas emissions coming from transport.
Our mission is to accelerate New Zealand’s move to an electric future.
Our drivers are passionate about this too. That’s why they’re part of our team. By choosing to drive an electric vehicle our drivers choose to go easy – and help their passengers do so too. We’ve surrounded ourselves with like minded great people – and our team is energized for the future and pleased to be able to play this role.


Growing our fleet of 100% electric to decarbonize the transport sector which is responsible for almost 20% of NZ’s domestic greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing transport emissions is critical for achieving emission reduction targets and ensuring the well-being of New Zealanders. 


We offer our drivers one of the fairest commission rates available anywhere. While the economy bounces back post-Covid-19, we want our drivers to keep more of their earnings.


Our service is second to none with our easy-to-use app, professional drivers and top of the line electric fleet.

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